Pharmaceuticals and Chemical

The pharmaceutical industry is gradually transforming itself but still faces critical challenges especially in the areas of cost and margin pressures due to patent cliffs, lack of robust discovery pipelines, increasing regulations and the cost of research and development, and a phenomenal price pressure being exerted by emerging markets on the established ones. All of this is providing a very complex market setting for the current business model of the industry.

To straddle this phase successfully, CIT provides pharmaceutical and Chemical companies with a multi-pronged approach - one that encompasses collaboration and innovation, the simplification of operating environments, and the enabling of greater access to real-time information through multiple channels. CIT's pharmaceutical IT solutions include a range of innovative, cost effective and knowledge intensive solutions that accelerate the commercialization of new products and enable the successful launch and revitalization of mature brands by optimizing their businesses, improving processes, and bringing in virtualization and automation. Our data driven stakeholder analytics and engagement design platforms enable pharma and chemical companies to view customers in a more holistic way, helping companies build more targeted/better customer engagement services, and better patient experiences.

At CIT, we partner with Chemical and Pharmaceutical majors to address these challenges effectively to:

  • Improve revenues and drive process efficiencies.
  • Ensure quality, compliance and foster innovation.
  • Achieve lower costs with higher productivity by focusing on process improvement