Today, insurers face daunting challenges in relation to workforce productivity and market competition. To stay ahead, they need an insurance consultant - to reduce their product launch cycle time, enhance customer experience, and detect and prevent frauds faster. Additionally, they are required to expedite insurance claims management and adhere to risk and regulatory compliances to avoid paying penalties, which could be managed by an effective insurance consultant.

With in-depth knowledge, extensive insurance industry experience, domain competency, technology, proprietary tools, methodologies and frameworks, coupled with a value creation model, CIT is helping global and regional insurance leaders to profitably improve their business by focusing on core system transformation in policy administration, underwriting and claims and investing in high-end forecasting and analytics.

CIT offers insurance software services and business-aligned technology solutions that help Insurers with business growth, increased profitability, cost optimization, agility, flexibility and ensuring a superior customer experience.

Also, we deploy smart insurance software solutions that combine agile methodology and tools to help insurers achieve business goals.