CIT provides wide range of Healthcare services in association with MEDINTU HEALTH SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED.

We built our company to empower researchers, physicians and healthcare providers to improve patient care. We empower Doctors with critical patient information anytime, anywhere so that they can make better decisions for patients. We have our market research and innovation teams continuously keeping close tabs on the changing needs of healthcare industry to create newer versions with value added features from time to time.

What is this?

CIT is an end-to-end healthcare service provider. CIT endeavor is to be a one-stop solution for all the healthcare needs. By register with MedintU Hospitals, Doctors, Clinics, Health Service Providers, Diagnostic centers and E-commerce Merchants can be providing the healthcare services as one-stop solution to the Users.

Benefits for you

The benefits are Users can review and rate. Partners can access and update the Health records of the users. CIT provides dedicated web presence to the CIT partners. User can book the Appointments online with partners. CIT provides Mail and SMS alerts. Provides high quality, time sensitivity and cost-effective solutions.

How to use it?

By registering with CIT, CIT provides a dedicated web presence to partners and provide better healthcare experience with patients. Registering with MedintU partners can access and update the user records. Partners can Post blogs/ Health tips on the web presence. Based on the user rating, top rated partners will be displayed in the pages. Partners can provide offers to the user and make them display in the pages.