Financial and Banking Services

Despite the plethora of non-cash digital payment options available through various Wallets and Mobile Payment Apps, customers find it difficult to choose the optimal payment option each time they make a purchase .On the other hand, financial institutions are limited in their ability to influence a customer's choice of payment instrument at the point of purchase.

CIT Payment Advisory Solution blends seamlessly with a bank's ecosystem, enabling them to offer customized and contextual financing options to customers at the point of purchase. CIT accesses multiple financial products (and related account attributes) offered by financial institutions. Facilitates complete payment fulfillment through multiple channels and evolving technologies.


  • Influence customer spends to increase revenue.
  • Provide real-time, contextualized financing options.
  • Enhance security with tokenized payment credentials.
  • Help customers maximize benefits each time they pay.
  • Allow real time-view of transactions, balances, and spend patterns.